“My work with Heather does not leave me when I leave her office.  The skills and tools that I have developed through our work are with me always.  She is incredibly insightful, razor sharp, empathic, and 100% committed to her patients.   She has helped me to navigate some very difficult obstacles with grace and confidence, and also helped me to feel gratitude for the things in my life that we often take for granted.  I highly recommend her; she is uniquely wonderful.”
“Truly trustworthy, compassionate, engaging, and direct, there is no better therapist than Heather Karaman. She has helped me grow tremendously as a person, working with me to conquer insecurities and navigate many difficult issues. Heather has also always called me out on my ‘BS,’ which she can spot a mile away, and steered me back to the core of the matter. I highly recommend her, and am very grateful to have her as my guide.”
L. K.
“I had been seeing another therapist off and on for 10 years before being referred to Heather. She has been an incredible presence in my life for the last year. It is not easy to navigate the challenges that living, working, and dating in NYC can present. Heather “gets it” and understood my challenges immediately. She is experienced and professional, and  presents information/ideas/observations very clearly. I find my sessions with her to be fulfilling, inspiring, comforting, and positive. I cannot believe how far I have come, and how much better I feel in just over one year as her patient. I am so lucky to have found a truly caring and compassionate therapist. Heather is simply the best!”


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